SMW Engineering GPR Project in Bay Minette, Alabama

SMW engineering frequently contacts GPRS (Ground Penetrating Radar Systems) to perform site surveys to locate any and all unknown utilities. They typically are performing and requesting this service to provide an accurate map and plan view of the area prior to site development. SMW utilizes ground penetrating radar technology because it is quick, efficient, accurate and cost effective. On this particular project in Bay Minette, AL SMW contacted Chris Moore with GPRS operation in Florida to mobilize to the site and survey nearly 3 acres to locate any and all unknown utilities on site.

Once on site GPRS performed a survey of the entire property in one day. They placed scans on 10-15 foot centers and worked a grid pattern over the entire parking lot. The GPR system was able to locate several electrical conduits running from signs and light poles in the parking lot. Additionally ground penetrating radar was able to locate a large water line at a depth of 7 feet deep. These types of discoveries are marked/painted on the surface for SMW’s survey crew. GPRS also provides and approximate depth to the top of the utility discovered for an even more precise plan view of the area.

Overall, the relationship between SMW and Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has proved to be beneficial to both parties as well as the end customer. The accuracy of the radar provides SMW with a more accurate plan view of the area and thus the overall product the end client receives is accurate beyond historical documentation and city and site plan views combined. SMW remains highly complementary of ground penetrating radar and we at GPRS look forward to working with them again in the future.

GPR’s Alabama Contact Information:

Jeff Dehart


(205) 410-0243