GPR Scan of Concrete & Underground Utilities - Birmingham, Alabama

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was requested on site to perform a GPR inspection of an elevated concrete slab where core drilling was going to take place. The purpose of this GPR investigation was to mark out any detected rebar, post tension cables, or conduits that may be cut in the drilling process. All findings were marked on the floor surface with black marker as shown above. The GPR 1600MHz antenna was used on this project. The average max GPR depth penetration of this antenna is 12” – 16” through concrete.


Once the GPR survey of this area had been completed the customer was able to take the info provided and better plan prior to drilling through the slab. Without the known locations of detected rebar, cables, or conduits in this area could result in significant damage. GPRS recommends that every contractor get a GPR survey done prior to core drilling or saw cutting concrete.


Underground Utility Scanning Prior to Excavation and Trenching - Birmingham, AL

GPRS was also requested at a nearby site in the Birmingham area to perform a GPR inspection for underground utilities in an area where excavation and trenching will take place. The purpose of this GPR survey was to mark all detected underground utilities crossing through area so that they may not be damaged during the excavation process. As shown above represented by the paint marks on the ground a conduit, communication line and water line were detected crossing through the scanned area. GPRS was able to locate these utilities prior to excavation by the customer so that no damage would take place during the excavation process.

The GPR 400MHz antenna was used on this project to perform the underground utility survey in this area. The average depth penetration of this antenna is 4’-6’ underground. The GPRS contact serving the greater Birmingham, AL area is Andy Foshee and he can be reached at 205.410.0243 or by email at andy.foshee@gp-radar.com